1985: Shawn Thomas died of head injuries. suffered in a

1985: Gerardo Derbez died of brain damage after being in a coma since being knocked out .

1985: Jacob Morake died from head injuries.

1986:  Steve Watt died of brain injuries after a defeat.

1987: Jean-Claude Vinci died half-an-hour after he was defeated by Lionel Jean.

1988: Daniel Thetele collapsed and died after losing to Aaron Williams.

1988: Brian Baronet, was in a coma for three days before dying.

1989: David Thio died 10 days after being knocked out.

1989: Rod Douglas, underwent brain surgery to remove a clot.

1990: Patrick Stone died of a brain injury .

1991: Michael Watson spent 38 days in a coma and is confined to a wheelchair.

1991: Clive Skwebe died nine days after being knocked out .

1991: Patrick Diniso died after being knocked unconscious .

1991: Minoru Katsumata died after a 10th-round stoppage .

1993: Yasuji Hamakawa died after being knocked down twice in one round.

1994: Wangila Napunyi collapsed after being stopped . He died after an operation to remove a blood clot from his brain.

1994: British bantamweight Bradley Stone died from a massive blood clot on the brain .

1994: Michael Bentt was rushed to hospital and had to retire after a WBO heavyweight title fight.
                                                                                                 March 11, 13 Retired welterweight Boxer Tony Martin shot and killed. He was 52 years old.
Fighters and people in boxing who have died   (in and out of the ring ). This list was posted on July 28, 2013
"Smokin" Joe Frazier 1/12/44 - 11/7/11
Diego "Chico" Corrales 8/25/77 - 5/7/07
Arturo Gatti 4/15/72 - 7/11/09
Charles "Sonny" Liston
5/8/32 - 12/30/70
Trevor Berbick 8/1/54 - 10/28/06
Salvador Sanchez 1/26/59-8/12/82
Carlos Monzon
8/7/1942 - 1/8/1995
Alexis Arguello 4/19/52-7/1/09
Trainer Mr. Eddie Futch
Referee Mr. Toby Gibson
Referee Mr. Mitch Halpern
7/14/67- 8/20/00
Cut man Vasil "Chuck" Bodak 6/3-1916 - 2/6-2009
Tony Zale
5/29/1913 - 3/20/1997
Rhoshii Wells
12/30/1976 - 8/11/2008
Pedro Alcazar died 2002
Robert Wangila Died 1994
The count continues
I once wrote an article of the passing of the great Mexican fighter, Salvador Sanchez. I stated that great fighters who had passed before him, waited for Salvador Sanchez with open arms and that in a golden ring he could be found. I hoped to, on this earth, do enough good to earn a credential for a ringside seat. Since that tragic crash on August 12, 1982 that ended Sanchez’s life, many more boxers and people in boxing have passed on. From Jimmy Garcia’s death in 1995 after his fight against Gabriel Ruelas, to Referees Mitch Halpern and Toby Gibson, both of whom ended their lives by their own hand. On a Las Vegas street, Chico Corrales on a speeding motorcycle, took his last ride. The great 130 lb. former Champion, Alexis Arguello, reportedly ended his life with a gunshot to his heart. The tragic shooting death of Rhoshii Wells in Las Vegas. Now, Arturo Gatti, one of the most exciting boxers ever, was found dead in Brazil. Police have ruled he hung himself with a strap from a woman’s purse. “Thunder” Arturo Gatti was a fighter who won’t be easily duplicated. Gatti may not have reached the marks of being one of the greatest fighters of all time, but to go see Gatti fight you were pretty much on a money back guarantee. I met Gatti for the first time in Lake Tahoe in 1999 during a contest between Fernando Vargas and Raul Marquez, a contest in which Marquez was TKO’d. in the 11th. Knowing the heart of Gatti, I was thrilled to have met him. We also had the sad and tragic death of the four year old daughter of former World Champion Mike Tyson, an accidental death by a treadmill’s electrical cord. Former Champion Vernon Forrest, who twice defeated “Sugar” Shane Mosley, was shot and killed in an apparent robbery in Atlanta, Ga. How many more are to end in such a sad manner?
And the count continues…
04- 23- 11
Angelito Sisnorio Died 2007
Duk Koo Kim Died 1982
Marcel Cerden Died 1949
Marcel Cerden Died 1949
Billy Collins Died 1984
Alexander McKay Died 1830
Tiger Flowers Died 1927
Stanley Ketchel Died 1910
James Murray Died 1995
Agapito Sanchez Died 2005
Kevin Payne Died 2006
Mzukisi Sikali Died 2005
Tosh Powell Died 1928
Pancho Villa Died 1925
July 23,2013
Emile Griffith dead at 75​
Trainer Angelo Dundee 8/30/1921-2/1/2012

​Heavyweight Ron Lyle 1941/02/12 - 2011/11​/26

Boxing writer Bert Sugar 3/25/2012 ​​dead at 75

John Lee "Johnny" Tapia "Mi Vida loca" Feb. 13. 1967 died May 27, 2012

Rocky Marciano 9/1/1923 - 10/25/2012

Trainer Emanuel Steward July 7, 1944 died Oct. 25, 2012​​​​​​

Cornelius Johannes Sanders (Corrie Sanders) 1966/01/07 died 2012/09/23

​​​​Tony Rila Jr. Developer of the IBA world Title Gym (Las Vegas, Nv.) Gym died 10/26/2012 at the age of 66

Exodus Tyson 2005/5/09 four year old child of boxer "Iron" Mike Tyson​​
Boxing writer Jack Welsh, died April 23, 2005
Hector "Macho" Camacho Born May 24, 1962 Died 11/24/12 
Carl "The Truth " Williams Died April 7, 2013 at age 53
Super welterweight Omar Henry died at age 25. Born 1987-02-08 Died 2013-01-02
March 11, 2013 Retired Welterweight Tony Martin dead at 52 years old.
Archie Moore 12/13/1916 - 12/9/ 1998
Floyd Patterson
1/4/1935 - 5/11/2006
Joe Louis 5/13/1914 - 4/12/ 1981
Jimmy Garcia
10/12/71 - 5/19/95
Referee Davey Pearl
7/15/17 - 3/12/06
Vernon Forrest
1/12/71 - 7/25/09
Jersey Joe Walcott
1/31/1914 - 2/25/
NSAC Dr. Elias Ghanem
3/12/39 - 8/28/01
Sugar Ray Robinson
5/3/1921 - 4/12/1989
Rocky Graziano
1/1/1919 - 5/22/1990
Johnny Owen
1/7/1956 - 11/4/1980
Simon Byme Died 1833
Leavander Johnson Died 2005
Yo-Sam Choi Died 2008
Oscar "Ringo" Bonavena Died 1976
Roberto Balado Died 1994
Frankie Campbell Died 1930
Jack Dempsey
6/24/1895 - 5/31/1983
Carlos Cruz Died 1970
Davey Moore Died 1963
Harry Greb Died 1926
Julian Letterlough Died 2005
Michael Murach Died 1941
Giselle Salandy Died 2009
Giselle Salandy Died 2009
Ed Sanders Died 1954
Benny Paret Died 1962
Martin Sanchez Died 2005
Edwin Valero Died 2010
Jack Dempsey
6/24/1895 - 5/31/1983
On the Fourth of July, 1919, 24-year-old William Harrison "Jack" Dempsey defeated Jess Willard and won the world heavyweight championship title
It was June 26 1959 that Ingemar Johansson sent Floyd Patterson crashing to the canvas seven times in one round at New York's Yankee Stadium.
Roger Mayweather fought and defeated Samuel Serrano on January 19, 1983 for the WBA super featherweight Title.
Ingemar Johansson Born 1932 Died 2009 age 76
George Foreman Won the heavyweight boxing title in January of 1973 by knocking out Joe Frazier
It was In 1952 that Archie Moore won the light heavyweight title from Joey Maxim.
"Iron" Mike Tyson won his 1st Title on November 22, 1986 against Trevor Berbick.

Roberto Duran "Hands of stone" TKO'd Ken Buchanan in 13 rounds and earned the WBA lightweight championship in 1972. Won the welterweight title in 1980 with a 15-round decision over Sugar Ray Leonard. Won the WBA junior middleweight crown from Davey Moore with an 8th-round TKO. and defeated Iran Barkley in a 12-round split decision to win the WBC middleweight belt in 1989.
Rocky Marciano defended his title six times, against Jersey Joe Walcott, Roland LaStarza, Ezzard Charles (twice, Don Cockell and Archie Moore.
Thomas "Hitman" Hearns was voted the greatest Super Welterweight of all time by Ring Magazine and received the "Fighter of the Year" award in 1980 and 1984
John Arthur "Jack" Johnson became the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion (1908–1915).
"We in New Mexico love your Johnny Tapia Article! It is being passed around in Santa Fe and was mailed to Johnny's Father."    Elsie May,  Santa Fe, N.M.

"A very nice piece on Tapia."  Z.B. , Las Vegas, NV.
Oscar De La Hoya  won his first world title at age 20, stopping Jimmy Bredahl (16–0) in the tenth round to win the WBO Super Featherweight title.
"Hey Franco! Great photos and a great article", Trainer Frank Peralta.
Franco Floyd Fontanero with boxers and people in boxing
July 31, 2013 48 year old Former Pro Boxer Loren Ross shot and killed
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Craig Bodzianowski "Gator" 1961-2013
Lenny LaPaglia April 8, 1960 July 6, 2013
Tommy "The Duke" Morrison Jan. 2, 1969 - Sept. 1, 2013
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 Heavyweight Kenny Norton August 9, 1943 - September 18, 2013
I can be seen shooting this fight ringside. I was lead photographer for the IBA world title for this fight.  Franco Floyd Fontanero
Published Oct. 23, 2013- Francisco "Frankie" Leal died of brain Trauma. he was 26 years old
 Photo of Laila Ali by Franco Floyd Fontanero was featured in Powerhouse magazine.
WBC President Jose Sulaiman, dead at 82. January 15, 2014
Heavyweight James Broad Jan. 27, 58 - Nov. 20, 01









FFF with Mini Me at the Playboy Mansion
" Iron" Mike
Mickey Duff, Former boxer, manager and promoter dead @ 84. 1929-2014

4/20/14 Boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter dies at 76
Photos by Franco Floyd Fontanero
Kelcie Banks,Franco Fontanero,Merqui Sosa, Steve Jones @ Toccos Boxing Gym Las Vegas, Nv.
May 2015 Former WBA welterweight champion Andrew "Six heads" Lewis died in a Auto accident in his native Guyana.
May 2, 2015 MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nv. Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Manny Pacquiao 10 rounds to 2 rounds in the richest fight in history. Kenny Bayless was the Referee.
When the fight originally got signed I thought that even though past their finest years, both Floyd and Manny would give us a fight to remember. The build up and hype surpassed anything I have seen in the sport for years, but as it happened, the lead up and carnival preceding the event, was probably the more memorable phase of fight week. The fight was good, starting with a competitive first 5 rounds which I had at 3 / 2.. Only because Floyd took a very cautious approach, but from 7 onwards, Mayweather found a groove and with nothing that Manny had bothering him, finished with a master class, leaving nothing to chance. It never lived up to its marquee, but it was watchable. Like him or loath him, Floyd is the best at what he does.. Win. By Stephen Jones for see you at the fights.
Sketches by Stephen "Big Cat" Jones

Former NABF Light Heavy World Champion Merqui Sosa with Referee Kenny Bayless
Niño Valdes is inconsolable following his loss to Archie Moore, the loss prevented him in pursuing the fight with Marciano.. Sobbing Valdes said, "They don't want me to fight Marciano, I guess I'm not good enough" Archie would face The Rock and floor him in what would be Marcianos last title defence.. On vacating his belt, Rocky was allowed the privilege of selecting the men who would fight to fill his boots as champion.. Rocky chose Archie, who he said gave him his biggest scare in his final fight, and number one contender Floyd Patterson, the kids number one for a reason, I'll give him his break.. Patterson would beat Archie for the title in what seemed to be a boomtime for championship boxing. Las Vegas had several new purpose built arenas, The Hilton built one to host the Ali Spinks bout, next was the convention centre and Cashman field.. Casino moguls Ash Resnick and Mel Greb started dreaming up big fights to draw people in to town.. Ali confident Gene Kilroy once said 'The big fights created New Years in June and August, forget about getting a room in town, you couldn't get a telephone call into a hotel.' — with J'Marie Moore.
By Stephen Jones
Andy Scrivani RIP
Boxer/ trainer Andy Scrivani died 2015

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