PUBLISHER: Since 1997 A Boxing BOOKLET from the
Boxing Capital of the World, Las Vegas, Nevada.
WRITER AND LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER: Articles and photos in such publications as
WBAN (Womens Boxing); Diamond Boxing; The IBA, World Boxing Title (International Boxing Association); and Chicago’s Power House Magazine and Lady Sports Magazine and the Arizona Sun.
CREATOR: several websites including Fontanero’s World of Boxing, Las Vegas Boxing World, and Pugilist News. See you at the fights .com and Franco's boxing.
CAMEOS: in two films “Undisputed” with Wesley Snipes and also “Ocean’s Eleven” with George Clooney
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 Photo of Laila Ali by Franco Floyd Fontanero was featured in Powerhouse magazine.

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The Great sand Dunes near Alamosa, Colorado by FFF

 Photos taken with D 80 and D 3200 Nikon Cameras.  By Franco Floyd Fontanero.